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Feathered Friends: Our Feather Hat Bands

As you can probably tell from our hat collections, we love feathers. There's something so fun yet elegant, bold yet delicate and pretty yet cool about them. And they look great on a hat. 

And to think that those colours, patterns and textures are completely natural and made that beautiful is frankly mind-boggling. 

We've learnt so much about the technical side of working with feathers (which we won't bore you with!), their molecular make up, and how to keep them looking great. If we can give you one piece of advice when it comes to the feathers in your life...give them a little steam over the kettle and a gentle stroke in the right direction and they will look good as new. 

Enough of the technical stuff, we've put together a selection of our favourite feather hat bands, all of which are handmade here in the Penmayne of London studio with a huge amount love, care and never-ending fascination. 


Willow Fedora in Charcoal, Guinea Fowl Feather Band, £349
Also available in the Amber Trilby, £345

Willow Fedora in Burgundy with Black Braid & Feather Band, £299 

Beige festival fedora hat

Willow Fedora in Mink, Black Braid & Feather Band, £299 

Willow Fedora in Midnight Blue, Black Braid & Feather Band, £299

 Willow Fedora in Green with Leather & Pheasant Feather Band, £319 
Also available in the Amber Trilby, £315  

Willow Fedora in Mink with Leather & Partridge Feather Band, £319
Also available in the Amber Trilby, £315


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If you have any questions at all about our hat shapes, colours or sizing please do not hesitate to contact us on 0203 397 9772/ We are always here to help and would love to tell you more about our hats.