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A London Minute

A London Minute | Yamam Nabeel x Penmayne of London


When you live and work in a city, you can start to take it for granted.  The people, the culture, the art can all just become a blur as the hustle and bustle of life takes over.

Not for photographer and poet Yamam Nabeel.  Through capturing moments in London life and pairing them with powerful poetry, Yamam has created a breathtaking series called A London Minute.  In the series he takes small, seemingly inconsequential moments of city life and explores them visually and through language allowing them a whole new dimension.


A London Minute | Yamam Nabeel X Penmayne London


Claire had the amazing opportunity to work in collaboration with Yamam and spend the day with him and blogger Little London Whispers capturing Penmayne's very own 'London Minutes' amongst the sunny streets of East London.


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'I saw your red lips and your black heart, now I dream of a calmer life, of a dreamless existence; of the silence of solitude.
We never got to watch the stars dance, we never understood each other's dreams. We never let our hopes survive. I saw your reflection in the mirror just after you had smiled at me. I saw your soul just after we had danced through the night. I heard your unsaid words just after you had whispered "I love you".
I saw a you I never wanted to see and I showed you a version of me that had never existed, I was not ready to let you go.
But now that we had shed the sweet lies of a beautiful deception, we can start to believe in real love again.' - Yamam Nabeel


A London Minute | Yamam Nabeel x Penmayne of London

A London Minute| Yamam Nabeel X Penmayne of London


To find out more about A London Minute, visit their Facebook page here or visit Yamam Nabeel on Instagram.

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