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Julie, Devon (Client) 

I've been a hat wearer for some years so had great fun when I found Claire at Badminton. When my fedora arrived it was even more gorgeous than I remembered and beautifully finished. I have a lot of hats but I have to say Claire's are the best quality I've found, they're worth every penny.  I have since bought a beautiful Panama for Ascot and already have my eye on my third Penmayne hat...

Julie wears Willow Fedora in Burgundy with Black Braid & Feather Band & The Paxos Panama 


Polly R, London (Client) 

The Siena Fedora is a little gem; perfect for a local point-to-point, equally perfect for pottering around London. I wear it all the time and absolutely love it!

Polly wears Siena Fedora in Black with Navy Pleated Band


Alison A, Sussex (Client) 

Just wanted to say how delighted I was with my hat, which had its first outing to Goodwood this weekend. You are quite right when you say that once you have one hat, you will want another! I will be in touch very soon for my second!!

Alison wears Willow Fedora in Mink with Black Braid & Feather Band 



Eliza M, Norfolk (Client) 

I was told about Penmayne hats by a great friend of mine, as I had bought and returned a few hats looking for the 'perfect' one, but to no avail. I was so excited to see their website and it was really easy to order online. The hat arrived within 24 hours and I was in great suspense as I unpacked the box, then the smart hat box and finally layers of tissue paper. The hat was stunning. I had finally found the 'perfect' one, the only slight problem being that I want a navy one now too..!

Eliza wears Willow Fedora in Elephant Grey with Black Lace Band


 Jayne C, London / Ireland (Client)

“I could not be more pleased to have discovered Penmayne of London. The hats are stylish, beautifully made, easy to wear and never fail to turn heads. It is my mission to own one in every colour and I look forward to what each new season might bring.”

Jayne wears Willow Fedora in Mink with Leather & Partridge Feather Band


Emma G, London (Client) 

“I was slightly nervous about buying a hat online but it was surprisingly easy and the size guide is really clear - my hat arrived beautifully packaged within a few days and I even got a follow-up email from the team to check that I was completely happy with it. They are such beautiful pieces of craftsmanship and a real statement piece that you can wear to work, a wedding, or a little weekend jaunt. The best present to myself ever...”

Emma wears Willow Fedora in Midnight Blue with Patent & Black Leather Band


Peony Lim, London (Fashion Blogger) 

“I just love Penmayne of London hats - one of my best discoveries! They look fabulous, and the workmanship and quality is next to none.”

Peony wears Willow Fedora in Charcoal with Guinea Fowl Feather Band


Rosie W, London (Client) 

“I was a firm believer that I didn’t suit hats, until I came across Penmayne of London and the wonderful Claire encouraged me to try on some different shapes. She truly believes that 'everyone suits hats, it's just a matter of finding the right one'. So I tried on the Willow Fedora and that was it, I’d found my hat! I am a total convert.”

Rosie wears Willow Fedora in Midnight Blue with Silver Beaded Band  

Andrea M, West Midlands (Client)

“I first spotted Penmayne at Burghley, and I am now the proud owner of four of their beautiful hats! I absolutely love the quality and design - they really do complement (or rather complete) any outfit. And I’m now rarely spotted without one! I highly recommend them and have had many compliments. You will not find anything as stylish.”

Andrea wears Willow Fedora in Burgundy with Silver Beaded Band


Emma P , London (Client) 

“I never thought I was a proper hat person as I always felt like I was dressing up as someone else when wearing a hat.  And then I fell in hat-love.  It was that dramatic.  Now my Penmayne fedora makes me feel like I want to wear a hat ALL the time.”

Emma wears Willow Fedora in Midnight Blue with Leather & Guinea Fowl Feather Band 

Emma B, London (Client & Blogger) 

“Penmayne of London hats are absolutely beautiful; they are incredibly elegant and really do make you stand tall.  I have barely taken mine off since I bought it.  I’ve been on tea tours, to Paris, and on a very English weekend in the country. Wherever I go, my hat comes with me...”

Emma wears Willow Fedora in Burgundy with Leather & Guinea Fowl Feather Band 


Lucy B, Wiltshire (Client) 

“Claire spent a lot of time making sure I was completely happy with the style and fit of my hat... I am absolutely thrilled with it. Penmayne hats are beautifully made and I would love another one!”

Lucy wears Willow Fedora in Elephant Grey with Black Lace Band 


Marina B, London (Client)

“I never normally wear hats but I came across Penmayne of London and completely fell in love with their style. I was a little unsure at first, but Claire and her team are so friendly and talked me through the different styles and colours - now I wear it all the time and absolutely love it.”

Marina wears Amber Trilby in Midnight Blue with Leather & Guinea Fowl Feather Band

Anne Marie G, London (Client & Fashion Blogger)

“Some hats take over, but the Penmayne pieces add to any outfit in such a subtle manner and they are really comfortable to wear.”

Anne-Marie wears Willow Fedora in Mink with Grey Wool Braid Band